Base - 13kW | 30kWh

Base - 13kW | 30kWh


FINANCing availAbLE

Under the Inflation Reduction Act (2022), all energy storage products over 5 kWh and any necessary operational equipment qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Power On-the-Go: The 13KW, 30KWH Battery and Inverter Bundle for Robust Mobile Applications

Meet your next mobile power solution - our formidable 13KW, 30KWH Energy Storage and Inverter Bundle. Designed with food trucks, work trucks, and other medium-sized mobile applications in mind, this energy powerhouse is primed to upgrade your operations.

Built to offer superior efficiency, this bundle provides reliable power and enhanced performance. With its robust build and advanced technology, it's ideal for those in the fast-paced food truck industry or demanding work truck environments, providing the muscle you need for your daily operations.

The 13KW inverter handles hefty loads with ease, while the 30KWH battery ensures a consistent power supply for extended periods. Whether you're grilling up a storm, blasting the air conditioning, or powering industrial equipment, this combo has you covered.

Not just a power solution, this bundle is also a commitment to a more sustainable future. It reduces dependence on fossil fuels, significantly curtails emissions, and promotes cleaner, greener operations. A switch to our battery and inverter bundle is a step towards achieving carbon neutrality in your business.

Say goodbye to noisy, unreliable generators. Welcome to the quiet revolution of power. Join us in leading the charge towards more eco-friendly, efficient, and reliable mobile operations. Power your success with our 13KW, 30KWH Battery and Inverter Bundle.




30 kWh

Ac Output



13000 VA


26000 VA




824 lbs.

Warranty & Returns


Returns notice - For any returns where there are technical issues or breakage, you can return and money will be refunded. If the shipping box has been opened and the product is in working shape, you cannot be refunded due to the nature of this product.If our customer service team determines that this is a warranty matter, we will have you ship it back to us. You must properly package the product including proof of your purchase date with the product.

You must then send the product by mail or courier, with shipping costs paid by you, to Joule Case at 121 E 38th St, Suite 102, Garden City, ID, USA 83714. We will process your return and send your repaired or replacement product to you, at our expense, for warrantied products being shipped to locations in North America. For products purchased or being shipped outside of North America, please contact the local distributor from whom you purchased the product, or email to obtain further distributor information.

Shipping Information


Shipping costs are additional and are based on the size of the order and the destination.

Product Features


Expandable battery system designed to charge using renewable or on-grid sources.

No Fumes

Traditional generators produce toxic, harmful fumes that are bad for the environment and attendees.

No Noise

Our batteries are silent—allowing the focus of the event to be the main event.


The stackable design gives you the control to add more power based on your needs.

The power to do anything

Kettle (1500W)

20 hrs*

Espresso Machine (2200W)

13.6 hrs*

Freezer (400W)

75 hrs*

Ice Cream Machine (5000W)

6 hrs*

*based on average wattage

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