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Joule Case is your partner committed to delivering unmatched reliability, tailored solutions, and pioneering technology that unlocks electrification wherever you need it.

Scalable from 170kWh to 5MWh+
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Mobile Energy Storage Systems

Reliable Energy—Everywhere it Matters.

Joule Case is transforming the landscape of distributed energy resources (DERs), providing, scalable, clean, and reliable portable power solutions designed to support the rapid electrification and deployment of energy resources across wherever they're needed.

Lease with Joule Case and embrace the flexibility that not only supports but propels your organization forward.

Large Generator Replacement & Power Backup

Joule Case Energy Services helps you electrify at a fraction of the speed. Clean, reliable power built for the most demanding of environments.

Fleet EV Charging

Scale power without infrastructure. Joule Case Energy Services provides a flexible platform and service model that can unlock the potential of your electric fleet.

Utility & Microgrid

Decentralization is the key to harnessing renewable energy generation. Joule Case Energy Services helps you build resilience where you need it.

A military helicopter and vehicle transporting Joule Case Atlas energy storage modules.

Mission-Critical & Defense

With swappable, portable, and expandable systems, Joule Case Energy Services provides unmatched uninterrupted operational continuity. Deploy maximum performance without the complications of generators.

Live Events

No Fumes. No Noise. No Limits. Joule Case Energy Services provides clean, reliable power that adapts to your event's needs—from backstage to main stage.

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