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The Olympus Power Platform is a modular power distribution and energy storage system that addresses the most pressing issues on our planet today—sustainability and progress.


Energy Storage and Inverter System

Zeus is the answer to replacing the largest diesel generators used in heavy industry or temporary sites like music festivals.

An epic energy storage and inverter system, Zeus provides massive grid-scale power—delivered wherever it is needed, from remote worksites, to local utility substations, and powering the largest events and festivals on the planet.

In minutes, power equivalent to a substation can be placed at a site, connected, and endlessly supplied with swappable Atlas battery modules.


Battery Module (DCFC Ready)

Atlas provides the energy on demand needed for massive EV fleet charging, supports Zeus with endless energy, and enables a fast, seamless transition to renewable energy.

Atlas is a future-proof energy source and EV charging system complete with DC/DC bidirectional converters. No matter the renewable energy source or power requirement, Atlas can handle it. The onboard DC converters allow a single Atlas to immediately provide Level 3 DC Fast Charging for multiple vehicles with little to no infrastructure installed on site.

Multiple Atlas units can be combined together and provide Megawatt scale DC Fast Charging for heavy-duty vehicles delivering power that our grid cannot supply today to electrify metro fleet vehicles and long haul trucking power.

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