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Sweeter is an Experiential Marketing event and production agency that produces one-of-a-kind, had-to-be-there experiences connecting consumers to brands. Although not solely, Sweeter utilizes food truck type vehicles and other experiential vehicles to be the centerpiece of their activations. Sweeter's utilization of food trucks and other experiential vehicles is a unique way of bringing brands to where the people are. These vehicles serve as dynamic pop ups for brand storytelling and consumer engagement, offering an experience that transcends traditional marketing methods.  Sweeter turns every interaction into an opportunity for brands to form deep, genuine connections with their audience.

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The Solution

At Joule Case, we take pride in the successful collaboration with Sweeter, an exemplar of experiential marketing. Our journey together began with Sweeter's dedicated search for a sustainable power solution. We distinguished ourselves not only through our advanced battery products but also by investing time to educate the Sweeter team on our value proposition. This enabled them to make a well-informed decision that proved to be the right one. The implementation of our battery systems was a leap into new territory for Sweeter, and it came with its challenges. Nonetheless, our commitment never wavered. We worked tirelessly to resolve the initial issues, ensuring that the power system met and exceeded expectations. The result was a substantial enhancement to the guest experience, as the switch to our batteries meant the absence of generator fumes and noise, aligning perfectly with Sweeter's vision for seamless and engaging events.


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In every sense of the word Joule Case has proven to be a partner who stood by us long after the initial sale was completed. In unison with our vehicle fabricator, Joule Case devised a solution that works and that we are proud of and often tell our clients about when pushing our responsibility to be as green as possible.
Grant Di Mille, President and Founder

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