Powering Vintage Trailers

Driving Innovation with Sancho Motors' Vintage Concession Trailers

The opportunity

Founded with a rich heritage stemming from the original Sancho Motors established by Mario Sancho in Lincoln, Argentina, the company today leverages its historical roots to create exceptional mobile business solutions in Florida. In recent years, Sancho Motors expanded its vision by introducing vintage-looking concession trailers, targeting entrepreneurs and established businesses in the Food and Beverage, Retail, and Entertainment industries.

Despite their aesthetic appeal and functionality, Sancho Motors faced a significant challenge: the need for a more sustainable and reliable power solution for their mobile units. Traditional generators were noisy, required continuous maintenance, and were not environmentally friendly. This posed a particular problem in venues like shopping centers, airports, and convention centers, where noise and emissions regulations or space constraints often prohibited the use of standard generators. To address these challenges, Sancho Motors sought a cutting-edge solution that could provide uninterrupted power without the limitations of conventional generators, leading them to explore the possibilities of electric power systems.

Client Requirements


The Solution

To address the challenges of sustainable and reliable power in their vintage concession trailers, Sancho Motors embraced a groundbreaking solution by integrating Joule Case batteries. This strategic decision was catalyzed by their discovery of Joule Case through social media, where they learned about the successful implementation of these battery systems in another mobile business. The adoption of Joule Case's system provided a clean, efficient, and dependable power source, allowing Sancho Motors' trailers to operate seamlessly in various settings without the need for external power connections.

Sancho Motors now refers to this solution as a "game changer," recognizing the profound impact it has on their customers. They provided the scenario of an ice cream business needing to transport its products from a shop or commissary to a venue without adequate power to maintain freezer temperatures. Traditionally, upon arrival, operators must hurry to start a generator, refuel, and prepare everything while hoping the ice cream does not melt. The Joule Case solution eliminates such uncertainties by providing reliable, self-contained power, ensuring that food trucks can maintain the correct temperatures for their products throughout transport and operation, without dependence on external power sources.

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With Joule Case you're completely autonomous. You don't rely on anybody. You get to your event, pop the window open, and you're ready to work. That’s incredible. Zero noise, ZERO. You can work eight to 11 hours, whatever you plan for with your system. You don't need to worry about putting gas in the generator, containing the generator, moving it around, the noise, the generator stopping when you have people ready to order.
Matias Pellegrini, Co-Founder and CSO

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