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A Hole-in-One Solution: Joule Case Powers PGA TOUR Champions Event

The opportunity

In 2021, Joule Case was presented with a unique opportunity to tee off at the PGA TOUR Champions Boeing Classic in Snoqualmie Ridge. The event required a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting power source to run a large video scoreboard, a critical component of the tournament experience that displayed the scorecard. Traditional power solutions present challenges such as noise pollution, carbon emissions, and the need for frequent maintenance and refueling.

Client Requirements

No long cords

The Solution

Joule Case stepped in with its innovative power solution. Our advanced battery system was used to power one of the large scoreboards throughout the tournament. This wasn't just for a few hours, but for an impressive 240 hours straight. This solution not only provided a robust and reliable power source but also eliminated the issues associated with traditional generators.

The battery system operated seamlessly throughout the event without interruptions, eliminating the need for refueling or generator maintenance. This saved both time and resources, allowing the event organizers to focus on delivering a memorable tournament experience.

The success of the Joule Case system at the PGA TOUR Champions Boeing Classic demonstrated our commitment to providing sustainable, efficient, and reliable power solutions for a wide range of applications. This event served as a testament to the versatility and endurance of our advanced battery systems. With Joule Case, you’re always on the green.


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