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The opportunity

EnergySeal, a leading provider of insulation services, operates in the challenging terrain of the mountains in McCall, Idaho. Their work requires them to be highly mobile, often moving from site to site to provide their top-notch services. This mobility, while a strength in terms of service delivery, posed a significant challenge in terms of power requirements. Their operations required immense power, and the need for a portable, reliable, and sustainable power solution was paramount.

Adding to the complexity of their operations, the unpredictable weather climate in the mountains meant that some days they needed to operate entirely off-grid with no access to shore power. The traditional solution had been to use loud, dirty diesel generators. However, these generators were not only environmentally unfriendly but also added noise pollution to the serene mountain environment.

EnergySeal was determined to find a better solution. They wanted to replace their diesel generators with a power solution that could not only meet the high energy demands of their mobile operations but also align with their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The challenge was to find a power solution that was as resilient and adaptable as they were, capable of delivering reliable power in any weather condition, at any site, while minimizing their environmental impact.

Client Requirements

All-Day Power

The Solution

At Joule Case, we understood the unique challenges that EnergySeal faced. Their work requires them to be highly mobile, moving from site to site, often in unpredictable weather conditions and without access to shore power. They needed a power solution that was as resilient and adaptable as they were, one that could keep up with their dynamic operations without causing delays or complications.

Recognizing these needs, we offered our innovative stackable battery systems. These systems are designed for high-demand scenarios and are compact enough to be mounted inside EnergySeal's trucks, making them an ideal fit for their mobile operations. More importantly, once installed, they provide immediate power upon arrival at a new location, allowing EnergySeal to maintain the pace of their work without having to worry about extensive setup or relocation of power equipment.

To meet EnergySeal's specific power needs, we installed 10 of our Li9k batteries along with 6 JC6500 Inverters. This setup not only provided the immense power required by EnergySeal's operations but did so in a manner that was in line with their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

With our stackable battery systems, EnergySeal was able to maintain their operational efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and continue delivering excellent insulation services across various sites, all while preserving the tranquility of the mountain environment. We at Joule Case are proud to power EnergySeal's success and look forward to our continued partnership.





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