Powering On-Demand Ice Cream

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Battery-Powered Food Trucks

The opportunity

Scream Truck, a revolutionary on-demand ice cream service based out of New Jersey, was facing a challenge. Their traditional diesel generator was not only contributing to carbon emissions and noise pollution but also causing interruptions in their service due to the need for refueling and maintenance. These interruptions were costing them valuable time and money. They needed a sustainable, efficient, and reliable power solution to keep their truck on the road all day long.

Scream Truck explored various electric options, speaking with a variety of companies in search of the perfect solution. However, they frequently encountered solutions that failed to meet their specific needs, particularly in terms of supplying ample power for all-day operations. As Eric Murphy, CEO of Scream Truck described it on the Tech Bites podcast, when they discovered Joule Case, it seemed "too good to be true."

Client Requirements

All-Day Power

The Solution

Joule Case stepped in with a game-changing solution. We replaced Scream Truck's diesel generators with our advanced battery system. This innovative power solution eliminated the carbon emissions and noise pollution associated with traditional generators, aligning with Scream Truck's commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for their customers.

Our battery system provided a robust and reliable power source, allowing Scream Truck to operate all day without interruptions. The need for refueling and generator maintenance was eliminated, saving them both time and money.

Due to the success and efficiency of the Joule Case system, Scream Truck has decided to outfit all of their future trucks with our sustainable power solutions. This commitment further emphasizes their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and superior customer service.


of dollars saved


Pounds of CO2 offset Per Truck Annually




kW Continuous Power


kW Surge Power
In our initial truck we did 16 batteries and 4 inverters, it is about double the cost of the generator, but we'll recoup that in a year and after that it is so economical to run versus a gas powered generator. Over time it will save us millions of dollars.
Eric Murphy, CEO and Founder of Scream Truck

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