Sigma Smart Hub

Sigma Smart Hub


FINANCing availAbLE

Under the Inflation Reduction Act (2022), all energy storage systems over 5 kWh qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Joule Case is the only scaleable battery system that powers limitless possibilities.

The Sigma Smart Hub is a versatile and robust energy management system designed to seamlessly integrate with the Joule Case Sigma Series inverters. It offers a rated AC power of 48,000W and supports a maximum AC current output of 200A, ensuring reliable power distribution and management. The Smart Hub is equipped with advanced safety features and compliance with UL1741 and CSA22.2 standards. With a rapid grid disconnection switchover time of less than 100 milliseconds, it ensures uninterrupted power supply. The system also supports remote monitoring and control via CAN communication, making it a smart choice for both residential and commercial applications.



2-wire Start Switch


AC Current Input

200 A

AC Frequency (Nominal)

60 Hz

AC Frequency (Nominal)

60 Hz

AC Frequency Range

57-63 Hz

AC Frequency Range

57-63 Hz

AC Frequency Range in Backup

55-65 #W

AC From Grid Conduit Size / AWG Range

2.5"Conduits / 6AWG - 250kcmil

AC Generator Input Conduit Size / AWG Range

2.5"Conduits / 6AWG - 250kcmil

AC L-L Output Voltage (Nominal)

240 Vac

AC L-L Output Voltage Range

211-264 Vac

AC L-N Output Voltage in Backup (Nominal)

120 VV

AC L-N Output Voltage Range in Backup

105-132 Hz

AC Voltage Range

211-264 Vac



Communication Conduit Size / AWG Range

1"Conduits / 24AWG - 16AWG


Natural convection

Dry Contact Switch Current Rating

0.5A(250Vac) / 3A(30Vdc)

Dry Contact Switch Voltage Rating


Energy Meter (for Import/Export)

1% accuracy

Grid Disconnection Switchover Time

<100 ms

Maximum AC Current Output

200 A

Maximum Continuous Input Current


Maximum number of Inverters

4 3

Maximum Rated AC Power


Microgrid Interconnection Device Rated Current

200 A



Operating Temperature Range

-13 to 122 (°F) / -25 to 50 (°C)

Protection Rating

Type 3R

Rated AC Power

48000 W

Rated AC Power

48000 2 /1 / 1

Rated AC Voltage

240 Vac


UL1741, CSA22.2 NO.107

Supported Inverters

Joule Case Sigma Series


26.5lbs / 12Kg



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For products purchased or being shipped outside of North America, please contact the local distributor from whom you purchased the product, or email to obtain further distributor information.

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Shipping costs are additional and are based on the size of the order and the destination.

Product Features


Expandable battery system designed to charge using renewable or on-grid sources.

No Fumes

Traditional generators produce toxic, harmful fumes that are bad for the environment and attendees.

No Noise

Our batteries are silent—allowing the focus of the event to be the main event.


The stackable design gives you the control to add more power based on your needs.

The power to do anything

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*based on average wattage

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