JC3000 Charger/Inverter

JC3000 Charger/Inverter


FINANCing availAbLE

Pair this third-party inverter with one or more Joule Case Li6k 48-Volt Battery Stations for a high-power solution in a small-footprint package.  With 3500 watts of continuous output and 6000 watts peak output, this inverter can power heavy-duty motors or other equipment that requires an initial surge over its rated power usage to get going.

* Extended Surge Rating - Surges to 2X continuous power for 5 seconds for motor loads

* True Sine Wave AC Power - For operation of sensitive and motor loads

* Programmable AC Under-Voltage (85-110VAC) Shutdown - Feature ideal to operate under weak shore power or generator input

* Built in 80A Solar MPPT for connection of solar panels

* Built in 50A AC Transfer Relay - Senses when outside AC Power is present and transfers the load from the inverter to the source of incoming power




Pure Sine Wave


High Frequency

AC Output


AC Output Power, Continuous

3000 VA

AC Output Power, Pulse

6000 VA

240VAC Capable

Yes, with minimum two units in parallel*

Three-phase Capable

Yes, with minimum three units in parallel*

Parallel Capable

Yes, up to 9 units in parallel


> 90%

AC Charging Current

Programmable, 60A max to battery

Max AC Bypass Current


Transfer Time, Bypass to Inverter

Line mode to batt: 0ms. ; Inverter to Bypass: 4ms.

Solar MPPT Chargers


Solar PV Array Voltage

145V max., 60 - 115V operating



Data Bus

RS232, USB

WIFI Connectivity


Dry Contact

Yes, for generator auto-start on low battery

DC Input Voltage Range

40 - 60 VDC

No-Load Power Consumption


Operating Temperature

-10°C to +50°C






20.1 × 16.4 × 6 in


24.5 lbs

Warranty & Returns


Returns notice - For any returns where there are technical issues or breakage, you can return and money will be refunded. If the shipping box has been opened and the product is in working shape, you cannot be refunded due to the nature of this product.

If our customer service team determines that this is a warranty matter, we will have you ship it back to us. You must properly package the product including proof of your purchase date with the product. You must then send the product by mail or courier, with shipping costs paid by you, to Joule Case at 121 E 38th St, Suite 102, Garden City, ID, USA 83714. We will process your return and send your repaired or replacement product to you, at our expense, for warrantied products being shipped to locations in North America. For products purchased or being shipped outside of North America, please contact the local distributor from whom you purchased the product, or email info@joulecase.com to obtain further distributor information.

Shipping Information


Shipping costs are additional and are based on the size of the order and the destination.

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*based on average wattage

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