Commercial Leasing Solutions

Joule Case offers turnkey grid-scale power solutions to fit any level of energy consumption. Our modular, stackable, rechargeable battery systems are the infrastructure themselves. No underground construction and no trenching for new utility lines means no business interruption for you
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Endless Applications
Construction Sites
City Transit & Fleet EV Charging
Music Festivals
Emergency & Disaster Response
Agricultural & Farming
State, local, and Education
Consumer EV Charging

Joule Case offers compelling leasing options for our commercial battery systems. We will work with you to customize the solution based on your exact power application and site specific needs. Deployed at a low monthly rate, the option to lease our products turns a large capital expenditure into a manageable operational expense to fit any budget.

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Immediate Deployment
No Lengthy Permitting
No Underground Construction
Endless Site Flexibility

Don't let infrastructure and grid constraints limit your EV implementation or expansion goals. Joule Case provides quick solutions and ultimate site flexibility for our customers critical power needs—all with the benefit of reducing carbon emissions.

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Olympus VS. Site Upgrades

Need infrastructure updates to handle higher power demands? Challenges await. Don’t have the capital for the initial investment or years to wait for utility upgrades? Understood. Not interested in being stuck with significant power upcharges for peak usage? Us either.

Joule Case leased battery power storage and EV charging solutions can be delivered and put into use in short order. The energy storage system can be recharged with solar or during off peak times to reduce the load on the grid.
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Joule Case Olympus
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Distributed Energy Resource
Dependent on Utility
Expensive Install Costs
Long Lead Times
Immovable Placements
Steep Increase in utility Costs
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