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Build resiliency before, during, and after emergency response. See how Joule Case is redefining in-field portable power with future-proof energy storage systems.
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Joule Case is a leading portable power innovator—creating new possibilities for deploying and using clean, renewable energy. Our unique scalable system architecture enables ultimate flexibility for powering the most demanding off-grid applications.

Nominee. Most innovative technology. Disaster expo California.

Resilience in Reach

The Olympus Power Platform is the answer to replacing the largest diesel generators used for heavy industry and disaster relief and this leap forward in distributed energy has been nominated for Most Innovative Technology. In minutes, power equivalent to a substation can be placed at a site, connected, and endlessly supplied with swappable energy modules.

We were driven to improve the battery industry. But the technology we needed didn’t exist—so, we invented it.

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Boxed in by a Bad Energy Choice?

Alex Livingston

Chief Innovation Officer

Keynote 3 - Wednesday 2:45 - 3:15

Disaster response requires flexibility, environmental awareness and trust in your tools to perform. Unless your energy solution reflects each of these factors, you’ll be boxed in by restrictions. Join Joule Case to learn how to avoid the limitations of portable power and why modularity equals flexibility, distinct power and energy architectures are critical and how adaptable energy storage can address the crisis response of today and empower at-risk communities tomorrow.

One Asset Family—Multiple Use Cases

Fleet Charging | Temporary Housing | Temporary HQ | Communications | Construction | Community Engagement
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Uninterrupted Power You Can Trust

Unlike traditional generators, the Olympus Power Platform is the ultra-flexible answer for all of your temporary power needs. Before, during, and after a response event, you can trust Olympus. Built for resilience, it delivers unwavering power, even in challenging conditions.