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Versatile Charging
Joule Case offers versatile charging, including home options, for tailored energy solutions.
Trusted Expert
Partner with Joule Case, an industry leader with extensive experience you can trust for reliable energy solutions
New Business
Joule Case expands business opportunities by providing reliable power indoors and at generator-restricted events
Food trucks powered by Joule Case systems
Average estimated 5 year savings for a food truck customer
Federal Tax Credit for battery and solar systems
Simple Step-by-Step Process



We dedicate time to thoroughly understand your business and power requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your energy needs.


Personalized Plan

Together, we will review a detailed plan outlining the project, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your energy requirements.



We work closely with the installer to guide a smooth and efficient installation, ensuring everything goes according to plan.


Hit The Road

Experience the freedom of a sustainable journey, leaving behind noise, emissions, and maintenance concerns.


Ongoing Support

Enjoy peace of mind with continuous, expert assistance, ensuring your energy system always meets your needs.

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See what our customers have to say

Marianne & Lauren McRaney
Sinners & Saints Coffee and Beverage Co.
"When choosing an alternative system for our generator replacement we contacted several companies. Prices varied widely and although Joule Case was more expensive, we chose them because of their proven history with food trucks, unlike everyone else."
Emily and Jordan Shirk
"We decided to go with battery power because it's a green option and it would free up the cash that would otherwise be used on fuel for a generator. Also, the fact that we eliminated the loud noise of a generator is a huge plus. The customers love that!"
Ashley and Emmanuel Evans
Lickity Split
"Amazing! We started out with a small Joule Case to power a portable camping freezer. We loved the ease of use, and once we decided to get the trailer, it was no question to get a system put together by Joule Case."
Nadia Marina
Plántate Café
"Using Joule Case has been the best experience. They were always happy to take my calls and were proactive about checking in. When it came time for installation they were there every step of the way. Having one less thing to worry about is such a relief."
Anthony Richardson
Press On Coffee
"When we built our first coffee trailer it was a generator system. It didn’t take long before we knew we wanted to convert it to a Joule Case battery system and it has been a true game changer, especially when it comes to weddings."
Cindee Chadwick
"Most events in Seattle don’t allow generators. Joule Case is clean, doesn’t make any noise, and we always have power. We’re now saving around $1000 per festival by not having to plug in for power. Within one year, the system has paid for itself."
Genelle Izumi
Kōhi Time
"The Joule Case team has been great! I contacted several local alternative energy companies in Eugene about powering a coffee van, and they all told me it couldn't be done. Joule Case told me and my fabricator they could make it work. They were right."
Nich Hauser
Indah Coffee Co.
"Our Joule Case Battery system has exceeded our expectations. We are able to run a 30 Amp, 208 commercial espresso machine, 3 refrigerators, an air conditioner, water heater, pumps, etc for 7 hours and have battery to spare after the event."
Willie Rauen
Indigo Bowls
"After looking at the cost of a generator to power our equipment and comparing the cost to Joule Case, it made economic sense to go with batteries. The noise level in the truck is minimal and we don't smell diesel while we are serving our acai bowls."
Gary Blanco
Chef Hits the Streets
"Joule Case has been amazing! It's eliminated the need for the generator which was loud, smelled terrible, heavy to lift alone, and tedious to refuel, not to mention expensive with the high cost of gas. Joule Case has eliminated all of this."
Natalie Bleifuss
Pie Bar
"The hardest part of food trucking is generators. When I found out abotu Joule Case, it was a no-brainer. You can just plug it into your wall at your house. With Joule Case and three trucks, we probably save $300,000 to $400,000 a year."
Ben Atkinson
Auburn School District
"With the two solar panels, over the course of the summer program, we never had to charge our battery from shore power. And this is the Seattle area! The battey-powered van is easy to operate—just flick a switch to fire up the refrigerators and oven."
Eric Murphy
Scream Truck
"In our initial truck we did 16 batteries and 4 inverters which is about double the cost of the generator, but we'll recoup that in a year and after that it is so economical to run versus a generator. Over time it will save us millions of dollars."
Stephano Theo
Theo's Gyros
"Joule Case is a no-brainer for food truck owners or any kind of mobile food business. It's the way to go because you save money on maintenance and gas, and there are zero emissions. It's just better. It takes away a lot of stress from food trucking."
Melissa Quezada
Canela Mobile Mexican Cafe
"More and more, there are restrictions on events that food trucks can attend because of generators. With Joule Case, I don’t run into those issues, as I am able to say “I am silent and I am not introducing any pollution into the environment."

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